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Dive into the motivation behind peoples choices in their lives that led them to the careers they have acquired, as well as the goals and aspirations they have.

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What Even is This?

Hello there,

My name is Gunnar Clay, a 19 year old from the Central Valley of California who currently attends Cal State University Chico. I am currently a freshman in the Chico State College of Business.

I created a blog to with the intent to display different people and the lives that they have. Specifically touching on what they chose as a career, their goals, and aspirations as of right now. Over the course of the next few months I plan to interview different people from different backgrounds and talk to them about their careers, goals, and aspirations and what motivated them to choose so.

This is something that I personally have always been interested in. I am always curious why people choose certain careers and certain ways of life, so I decided to document it with this blog. Personally I always question myself with why I choose to do what I do in my every day in order to ensure that I am living my life to my fullest potential in a way that I see fit. I believe in living your life the way you want to live it simply because of the fact that we only live once. This might seem a bit cliche but it is the truth! So now I want to ask others how they came to the point in their lives that they are at. What motivated them to do what they do.

I will conduct interviews and share them to this blog in a way that the reader/listener can dive into the motivation behind why people chose their professions and such. The first interview will come very soon so be on the lookout! I look forward to learning about peoples lives and motivation along side you.